Raul Mirza, MS, DO, MPH, FACOEM

I learned about occupational and environmental medicine upon applying to the Army residency program in Preventive Medicine. The Army supported a dual-training track at the time. I was drawn to occupational medicine in that it serves a profound purpose in the Army. Not only do OEM professionals medically qualify personnel to ensure they are ready to execute the Army’s industrial, operational, and expeditionary missions, it is a world-wide healthcare delivery service dedicated to ensuring that the health of all personnel is protected from work-related and environmental hazards. In my position there is tremendous variation in my duties which keeps me pumped and energized to tackle public health initiatives, investigations, and policy. It has been a professional dream to travel around the globe and support a diverse occupational health program. I truly love being a physician within the Armed Services — it is noble work, professionally gratifying, and personally rewarding.